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"When we teach and expect all of our students to do the serious, intelligent, intense, and risky work of creating, we are growing future citizens who will think long and hard before they participate in or endorse activities that destroy the creative work of others. Through Peak Intellectual Experience type programs, we invite our students to be brave, resilient, and compassionate with themselves and with others. Such experiences move them beyond being educated barbarians to being skilled, informed, and productive keepers and co-creators for our planet. The 21st Century needs such a citizenry."

Hopedale History - Third grade students study Hopedale History from Adin Ballou founding the Hopedale Community to the development of the Draper Corporation.

Nature's Classroom - Sixth grade students attend a week-long, off site, environmental learning experience. It is a multidisciplinary, hands-on, community-building adventure. Memorial School teachers attend with the students.