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Reporting System 

Parents are expected to be active participants in their child’s school life.  Effective dialogue is at the heart of any reporting system.


For this reason, we have one scheduled PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE per year.  Each teacher plans carefully for these meetings, which include discussion about your child’s adjustment and academic progress.


Report Cards will be given in November, March, and June. Parent conferences will be scheduled following distribution of the report cards in December. One evening is also utilized during this week.


Students in grades K-6 will be dismissed at 11:50 A.M. on these days.

Your child’s record is, by State Law, open to your inspection.  Please contact the Principal’s Office if you wish an appointment to review your child’s record.

In addition to the formal reports and conferences, meetings with teachers may be scheduled as needed.  Either the teacher or parent may schedule a meeting by mutual agreement.  Parents should feel free to contact the teacher or other personnel about any aspect of their child’s education. Communication is the key to building astrong parent school partnership. Parents are their child’s advocates.

Remember your child’s teacher is always the first person to be contacted regarding your child’s classroom experience.