Dear Families:

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer and that each of you has had time to relax and spend time with family and friends.  It is unbelievable how quickly the first day of school is approaching.  We have worked throughout the summer to be prepared for our first day back together on Tuesday, August 30th.

After the past two challenging years, I am excited to see, hear, and feel the energy of our staff, students, and families as we prepare to open our doors next week.  Our buildings have been cleaned and reorganized, floors have been waxed, upgrades to our technology and security systems have been completed, and curriculum work has been accomplished.  You will also see some nice improvements within each of our schools including a new coat of paint at BBC, an outdoor classroom at Memorial School, and repair and painting of the JSHS auditorium ceiling.  When you walk through the buildings, I am sure you will note many other improvements both inside and outside of the buildings.  We look forward to our staff, students, and families getting back to school and walking our hallways.

Prior to returning to school, here are a few helpful reminders.  Your child/ren’s schools and/or teachers will send more detailed information specific to each school.

General Information and Updates:  

Transportation:  Bus passes were sent Tuesday in the mail and bus routes will be emailed Friday. A friendly reminder to Kindergarten families that an adult must be at the bus stop to greet their child everyday. Otherwise the bus driver will return the child to the school at the end of the route.

As we head back to school, we'll also be heading into some traffic delays. As posted on the town website, “All Travelers on Rt 16 in Hopedale: Please plan for traffic delays at the intersection of Hopedale and Mendon Streets in Hopedale the week of August 29th. Construction crews will be milling roadways at and around the intersection which may result in significant slowdowns or delays…”

Please plan your time and route accordingly remembering to be patient and courteous. Remember to be aware of children at bus stops and walking to school. Any tardiness will be excused due to this construction.

School buses may also be impacted, so please stay at your bus stop until the bus arrives (and remind your child/ren to remain at the bus stop even if the bus is later than normally scheduled). Bus route times will be more efficient after the first week of school when construction is scheduled to be complete.  

Health Information:  Please ensure all medical information is updated with your child/ren’s school  nurse.  This includes physicals , immunization records, medication consent forms, etc.  Kindergarten families, check with our new Memorial School Nurse, Alicia De Oliveira to ensure you have all of your paperwork submitted by emailing

Cafeteria:  Universal Free School Meals has been extended in Massachusetts for the 2022-2023 school year! There will be no cost to families for any student to receive school lunch at schools participating in the National School Lunch Program.  If your child has not yet tried school lunch, NOW IS THE TIME!

Although lunch is free, the cost of water and snacks are $1.00 each.  If you do not want your child to purchase water or snacks, please speak with them at home.  If you are allowing your child to purchase water and snacks, please make sure your child has money in his/her account if they wish to purchase something.

Technology:  Our technology department has been sending updates and emails so please make sure you check them for specific information regarding technology.

It has been a great week seeing our preschoolers enjoying popsicles on the playground, our older kids having a blast at the “lock-in” at the JSHS, and lots of new families visiting our schools.  On behalf of the Hopedale Public Schools, I look forward to welcoming each of your children back to school next week.  Enjoy this final week of summer.


Karen Crebase, Superintendent of Schools