Our 6th grade will be the inaugural class to hold their graudation from the Memorial School at the Community House.  We are thankful to Mrs. Tara Chambers and Mr. Bernie Stock for availing the function room at the Community House to us for this occasion and look forward to building this tradition in the years to follow.  Please see below for further details.

6th Grade Ceremony Time & Location:

* 9:15am at the Hopedale Community House which is located at 43 Hope St directly across the street from the Draper Gym

* parking is available on the streets around the Community House as well is in the lot off Hope St and the newly constructed parking lot behind Draper Gym

Ceremony Seating:

* Each 6th grade student is able to invite two guests to attend the ceremony, plus a sibling or family member who is a student at Memorial School

* For children with step-parents and/or blended families,they will be permitted to invite a maximum of four guests, plus any siblings or family members who are students at Memorial--please note, this increase in invited guests applies only to such families as we have to be sure to allow seating for everyone

* There are no assigned seats as the ceremony will have General Seating.  If you have a younger child who attends Memorial that you plan to have attend the ceremony, please be sure to avail a seat for him/her

Siblings/family members who are students at Memorial School:

* All students should arrive to the Memorial School on time for school on June 16th.  The 6th grade students will be escorted to the Community House by the team of teachers after morning announcements.  Please be sure to be on time for school!  Siblings or family members who are enrolled in K-5th grade and are attending the ceremony will be escorted to the Community House by MES staff and will arrive prior to 9am

* Please inform your child's homeroom teacher (Ms. Brearly, Mr. Cardoso, Mrs. Dunn or Mrs .Feng) if you have a younger child the you are planning to have attend.  As mentioned, MES staff will escort the younger siblings to the Community House.  If we do not hear from you, we will assume that the younger siblings will be remaining at MES

End of Ceremony:

* All students will return to MES at the conclusion of the ceremony to resume their school day.  If parents/families wish to dismiss their child/ren from the Community House, please see your child's homeroom teacher to check out.  You can also dismiss your younger children this way as the teachers will have their names on the roster too.